Welcome to TheBigOpenMic

TheBigOpenMic started as a response to ‘lockdown’ when all Gigs and Open Mics were stopped overnight.

Most musicians and singers turned to existing online platforms to try and continue their music.

However, each platform provided some functions but lacked others, and none were purely dedicated to music and Musicians.

This is where the idea for a new platform came from…

One that provided full filtering, focused catagories, and allowed Musicians to earn from their existing online videos. No spam, no forced algorythms, no data selling, and no Corporate ownership.

Welcome to TheBigOpenMic!

A genuine grass roots music community, built by musicians, for musicians.


Our goal is to build a genuine independent music community  allowing artists to reach a wider shared audience as well as directly supporting musicians and singers.

FREE membership allows you to follow artists and browse all areas of TheBigOpenMic.

Becoming a FULL member means you are supporting Musicians and local Music Events as well as allowing TheBigOpenMic to keep running and developing further.

FULL members can post unlimited Videos, and can have Channels with Playlists where they can promote other links and products directly to a shared dedicated music audience.

FULL members can also earn HALF of any membership payments directly through Affiliate links essentialy turning all existing social media content into a passive recurring income to help your journey as a Musician or Singer!

Build up your followers on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc and build up income at TheBigOpenMic at the same time!

Get Paid

Once you are a FULL member, you can add your details to become an Affiliate in your Affiliate Area.

You can then create Links to any page on TheBigOpenMic such as your Videos or Channel and place these anywhere else.

Idealy place them on your Youtube Vidoes and Channel, your Instagram Posts, Facebook comments, anywhere!

Everytime someone then follows that link through and becomes a FULL member within 3 months you recieve half their payment.

This is all tracked within your affiliate home, and paid through Paypal.

Considering you can build thousands, even millions of followers across combined platforms, this can turn into a substantial additional income on top of income earned on other platforms.

The best bit… you continue to recieve payments each time someone renews their FULL membership each year ongoing automatically!

Try the Affiliate Earnings Calculator to see how much extra you could be making from your existing Followers just by placing links…


Enter your total followers across other platforms to see how much you could earn through placing affiliate links.


Based on new Full members via your links and Subject to Paypal charges.